New iOS 7 Training Course: iOS Support and Troubleshooting

With the release of iOS 7 last month, Apple radically overhauled their mobile operating system with a completely new design.
I’ve been busy over the past few weeks having a real good play with iOS 7, tracking down all the new features and looking at all the things that an IT tech may need to know to support this new iOS across the Apple Mobile product range.
The result of my research was the creation of a fantastic new course for technicians who would like to learn what the mobile devices and new iOS can do, how they do it, but more importantly how to properly support them in an interactive, hands-on class in true Amsys fashion.
Our new iOS Support and Troubleshooting course is therefore now available from today, providing delegates with an exercise-packed 1 day course designed for technical professionals who want to learn more about what iOS 7 can do and how to support it.
The main goal of this course is to introduce technicians to the basic techniques required to troubleshoot any Apple mobile device running iOS 7: the Apple iPod Touch, the Apple iPad, and the Apple iPhone.
The course will cover the following topics:

  • iOS Overview
  • iOS Connectivity and Integration
  • Apple ID and iCloud
  • iTunes and Apps
  • Data Management
  • Device Security
  • iOS Troubleshooting

For more information about this exciting new training course or to register your interest click here.
I hope to see you on a course real soon!