A new Apple Certified Master Trainer joins the Amsys team!

Back in April last year, Apple announced their new certification for Apple Certified trainers called the “Apple Certified Master Trainer”. This certification recognises Apple Certified trainers “who build their skills and knowledge around Apple technologies” and “stand out as experts.” Now we can proudly say that we have a full house at Amsys Training as Daryl McCartney received his Apple Master Certification last week!
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So, who are our Apple Certified Master trainers now?
Daryl McCartney, teaches our Support and Server Essentials, Mac Integration Basics and our ACMT courses
Richard Mallion, is our IT Director with extensive experience within both windows and mac platforms, programming, cross platform integration, app development and he also created our popular OS X revision app, Revise IT and iOS deployment troubleshooting app, Services Test.
Russell trains ACMT, ACSP, ACTC, ACA as well as, Mac Support for PC, Advanced Deployment and Keynote and iBooks.
Hugo teaches our advanced OS X courses such as, Advanced Deployment and OS X security, as well as our iOS Security and Deployment course.
Pete trains, ACA, ACSP, ACTC, Advanced Deployment, Advanced Directory Services, Advanced OS X security and our iOS Deployment & Security courses.
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“We’re delighted that Daryl has achieved this status, as now all of our trainers have been awarded the Apple Master Trainer Certification, which reflects our determination to set the standard for the industry.”
Alex Hawes, Managing Director