Munki 2: What’s New in Munki 2.1 and 2.2

Hi all. Well, since we published my intro to Munki 2 blog, Greg has continued his forward march and released two full versions since!munki2
This blog will give a rough overview of the shiny new features in these releases!
So, Munki 2.1?
Munki 2.1 was released on 16th December 2014 with 2 main new features (excluding localisation work):

  • Replacing the use of ‘curl’ for the munki repo communications with Apple’s NSURLConnection.
    • This works around an issue with Mavericks and the use of Client SSL certificates to authenticate against the Munki repo. I saw this issue first hand and the workarounds typically involved installing custom versions of the command line tool Curl. Not ideal with you’re trying to use as little custom items as possible, like Munki is.
    • Full support for the deployment and installation of Adobe Creative Cloud Packager installers.
      • These are the product of Adobe’s Enterprise packaging tool and can be temperamental when used in deployments (not just with Munki). This update adds full support for them into Munki.

And Munki 2.2?
Munki 2.2 was released on 27th January 2015 with one huge new feature:

  • Munki now can accept, push out and install Configuration Profiles without wrapping them in installers or scripts.
    • This allows the pushing out of (computer level) profiles through the Munki system without requiring a system to wrap the profiles, or to check if they need to be installed (with custom install check scripts).
    • Additionally, Munki now creates and uses hash keys for the icons of packages, thereby only downloading the new icons when needed.
      • This should cut down on your network traffic relating to grabbing the icon files, which can only be a good thing!

There you go, two fairly major updates out in a matter of months. Has anyone tried the new updated versions? Any interesting stories? How about any cool new Munki tricks you’ve learnt? Let us know below and I’ll try to respond to and delve into as many as I can.

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