Maybe you shouldn't have Mavericks auto install app updates!

So one of the first questions Mavericks asks you after install is, do you want all App updates to be installed automatically?
Now, on the face of it this sounds like a nice convenient option. It can be a pain having to authorise each update.
But take care. New versions of apps may not be better, or may not have all the features you were expecting!
Take iWorks as an example. This is Apple’s Office suite comprising of Numbers, Pages and Keynote. Historically these apps have had reasonably good support for AppleScript, a scripting language from Apple that allows you to automate these apps. I know of quite a few companies using Applescript to automate Numbers, Apple spreadsheet program, to run of reports etc.
Imagine their surprise when with this week, Apple updated these apps and effectively killed off Applescript support. If they had all their Macs set to auto update, many people would not have done a lot of work this morning.
So it’s always best to make sure you  have a managed system to handle app updates, just in case…!
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