Mavericks Tip: How to control when Software Updates are installed

So, it’s been over a month now since Apple released their latest and greatest OS, OS X Mavericks (or 10.9).
I’m still finding little gems here and there as Apple always like to sneak little changes in to surprise us!
Today, I wanted to point out a cheeky option added to Software Updates.
Have you ever had software update run in the background and send you a notification alert to install updates, where you just haven’t the time to install those updates right there and then? However, you know that if you dismiss the notification, you will forget to install them later! The problem with Mountain Lion’s software update was that if you dismissed the notification by swiping it, it would pop up again at a later stage, (usually about every 15 minutes). You had no real control over applying the updates at a later stage.
Now in Mavericks, when you receive a software update notification alert, you can select ‘Later’ and choose from one of three delay options: ‘Try in an Hour’, ‘Try Tonight’, or ‘Remind Me Tomorrow’. So you can now choose WHEN you’d like to install updates. Yes, you now have a choice! 🙂

control when software updates are installed

This is also available when you launch Software Update or directly click on the ‘Updates’ tab in the Mac App Store App. You will find there is a little drop down triangle you can click on to select your delay option!
launch Software Update or directly
Cool huh?!
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This feature has been tested using OS X v10.9.0 which was the latest Mac OS release at the time of writing.