Mavericks Tip: Bring Christmas cheer to your computer name

Last Christmas, my Amsys guru and IT Director Richard Mallion blogged about how to ‘Bring Christmas cheer to your computer name.’
This is an updated version of that blog for Mavericks (OS X 10.9) as the keyboard shortcut has been changed in the new OS. Plus, I just wanted to ‘bump’ up this blog post seeing as it’s Christmas!
It’s December now, we can talk about Christmas now can’t we?!
To get your Mac appearing all Christmassy, you can add Emoji icons as well as standard alpha numerical characters to your computer name.
Here’s how to do it:
Step 1) Open System Preferences on your Mavericks Mac.
Step 2) Hold down ‘cmd’ + ‘ctrl’ + ‘spacebar’ keys together to open the Character Viewer. (You can also go to the ‘Edit’ menu in System Preferences and select ‘Special Characters’. The key combination used to be ‘cmd’ + ‘alt’ + ‘t’ in 10.8).
The Character viewer will display a range of unusual characters, including Emojis that you can add to a your mac.
Step 3) Select ‘Emoji’ from the Character viewer sidebar and select the ‘Objects’ category:

emoji mavericks

Step 4)
Select to open the ‘Sharing Preference Pane’ and click in the text field where you would type the name of your computer.

Step 5)
Drag the ‘Christmas Tree’, ‘Father Christmas’, ‘Wrapped Present’ or whatever icon takes your fancy into your Computer Name field as shown below, ensuring you don’t let go of the mouse button until you see a Green + sign in the position you wish to add the icon:
adding christmas emoji
Step 6) Drag other Emojis until you’re finished:
emojis osx
Step 7) When anyone sees your Mac over the network they will see your festive spirit!
mac osx emojis
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This feature has been tested using OS X v10.9.0 which was the latest Mac OS release at the time of writing.