Master the iPad via Training Essentials for iPad App

Here at mobile we are excited to present the Training Essentials for iPad app.
Training Essentials for iPad was originally commissioned by one of the world’s largest multinationals to solve a seemingly growing problem of unused iPads being left in its box. Since being launched worldwide across its sales teams, the app has received overwhelmingly positive feedback.
Training Essentials for iPad could be the perfect solution for your iPad deployment across your business, included as part of a lesson at school with an ICT teacher, or as a shared learning experience between grandparent and grandchild.

Training Essentials for iPad is Split into 2 Core Training Modules.

These are not just static pdfs. Modular, interactive learning will allow you to work through sections as if you were in the Apps themselves. You can work through from start to finish or dip in and out of any section at any time. If you are already familiar with the contents of a section, you can skip to the next screen with the tap of an icon.

Module 1

Introduces you to the iPad, exploring the working parts and touchscreen interface. The app is highly effective in showing you how to carry out each task or function via a series of screens that have hot linked regions that must be touched or swiped in order to progress to the next step.
Moving further through Module 1, the training focuses on working with apps, setting up a Mail account, using calendars, as well as exploring the iPad camera and its handy facetime calling software.
At the end of the module you can browse through a list of useful tips and tricks.

Module 2

Training explores Apple’s own suite of Apps in some detail such as Keynote, where you will learn how to create and share presentations and iBooks which will you show you how to import and manage your pdf’s and send them as email attachments.

At the end of each module the you will be able to email a certificate of completion as record to share with others or to file away.