Marco's App Development Journey

It’s always really rewarding to hear back from our delegates about their experiences following their training with us. One of our delegates, Marco recently got in touch with us about his app development journey after taking both our Objective-C for Beginners and Advanced courses back in the spring of this year.
Marco has developed an app called, “Luca and Lulu Sing Along” – a sing along app for young children and earlier this month, Marco’s app was submitted and accepted onto the App Store!
luca and lulu sing along app
Marco’s background has been in design and information technology and has always wanted to bring these two areas together on a personal project.
When Marco quit the big smoke to move to a farm in the countryside to live with his partner, he helped out with farm duties such as lambing, feeding and general farm chores. The lambing part of the farming season, however, was a very intense process and required a lot of his attention. Consequently, Marco adopted two orphaned lambs who later became his main inspiration for the singalong app.
Marco also had a lot more time to spend with children and learned what interested them and found stimulating. Marco then realised that an app would be a fun and interactive way for children, of a young age, to begin learning and fine tuning their motor skills.
After looking for a suitable app development course, Marco came across Amsys and booked in for the Objective-C Beginners and Advanced course. Even though he had a background as an IT specialist supporting Apple technologies, he didn’t know anything about the Objective-C language.
“The courses helped me with an extra push to take my project to reality and manipulate Objective-C… I was able to learn really quickly how the language works, and I was able to code straight after I finished the beginners course.
I am currently working on promoting my app, and I will soon start with my next one. My target is to have at least 5 apps in the App Store.”
The app is free to purchase, and each song has a unique animated sequence that accompanies each lullaby. The app also make use of the In app purchase functionality so that you can download more lullabies!
Download for the iPhone or iPad.
luca and lulu sing along app