All You Need to Know About macOS Command Line and Terminal

During several of our macOS Support Essentials classes it has been clear that many people wish to use the Command-Line much more in their day-to-day user support. Unfortunately, the last time that this was taught at a client support level was OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) Support Essentials. We’re rectifying that by creating a new one-day course dedicated exclusively to Command-Line and Terminal, called macOS Command Line Essentials. If you’d like to demystify and get to grips with commands, why not come on the course?

Text prompts? Really?

Let’s admit it, the command line looks scary and different in today’s world of Graphical User Interfaces it can be a scary place when you first encounter it. When you read instructions telling you to open up a terminal window and type some cryptic words and phrases, it can seem like you’ve been sucked into the matrix.
Many of us find ourselves needing to use the terminal for some random task or other, but when we see that command prompt, we don’t know what to do. With just one day out of the office, you’ll gain access to a whole new level of control, boost your ability and improve your skill set, all at once.
macOS Terminal Window

About the new course

This is a new course from Amsys and it’s been designed to be easy and accessible to intermediate macOS admins. Designed and written by Amsys’s team of master trainers, the course starts at what the prompt means and what to do when you’re there. You’ll then learn how to navigate the filesystem, how to manipulate files and directories and more.
Here’s a brief course outline:

  • What is Unix?
  • What the Command Line?
  • Whats a Shell?
  • Learning the Basics of Terminal
  • Modify the Window
  • Set a Default Shell
  • FileSystem Layout
  • Basic Navigation
  • Manual Page
  • Naming Files in Command Line
  • Aliases and Links
  • Changing Permission
  • Create, Modify and Delete Users
  • Firmware Password
  • Configure Computer Settings
  • Remote Access
  • Troubleshooting