Mac OS X Lion – What's New – Profile Manager

Mac OS X LionProfile Manager makes it easy to configure your user’s Mac OS X Lion computers and iOS devices so they’re set up to use your company or school resources and so they have the settings your organization requires.
In combination with Apple Push Notification service it sends out updated configurations over the air automatically.

Profile Manager consists of three parts:

that work together to let you setup and deploy profiles, manage and control devices and deliver and update profiles.
Web-based Administration Tool is where you configure settings for devices, manage enrolled devices and device groups, and execute or monitor tasks on enrolled devices.
Self-Service User Portal the user portal is an easy to use, secure website for distributing settings you define. Users connect to the web-based portal after they log in, the settings that you assigned to them are available for download and installation. Users can also utilize this site to enroll devices for device management.
Mobile Device Management Server (MDM) server that lets you remotely manage enrolled Mac OS X Lion and iOS devices. After a device is enrolled with Profile Manager, you can update its configuration over the network without user interaction, as well as execute tasks such as reporting or locking and wiping the device.