Mac OS X Lion Tips No. 2 – New Customize System Preferences feature.

Mac OS X LionBy Russell Harris.

Tucked away within the new Lion System Preferences menus, is a handy new feature that lets you customize the icons that appear in System Preferences. So now, instead of always seeing the whole collection of System Preference Panes, you can just see the ones that you regularly use.
This new customize feature, allows you to hide the preference panes you dont want to see by selecing the ‘View’ pull down menu in the menubar of System Preferences and then selecting the new ‘Customize’ option.
You can now ‘check’ and ‘uncheck’ the icons you want to show or hide.
The ones you uncheck are NOT deleted, just hidden from view.
You can access these ‘hidden’ ones by selecting the ‘View’ menu which lists them all, but also by clicking and holding the ‘Show All’ button in the upper left corner of System Preferences.
Nice little feature.
Cheers! Russ.