Mac OS X Lion – Tip No 1

Mac OS X LionBy Russell Harris.
Admit it, you all love it when Apple release a new Operating System and you have to play around for hours trying to find all those neat little tricks and hidden ‘Easter Eggs’? Or is that just me?… 😉
Well, for those of you that do appreciate a good little hidden feature, here’s the first in a series of tips for Mac OS X Lion :

  1. Resizing a Finder Window.

    You’ll often find PC users moan about the fact that the Mac OS doesnt let you properly resize a window like Windows does.
    Well, Lion will stop their complaints! Lion now lets you resize windows from any corner or side, but it doesn’t resize ALL corners at once. To do this, just hold the ‘Option’ key whilst resizing. (Remember that the ‘Option’ key is what us Brits call the ‘Alt’ key! 😉