Mac OS X Lion – Tip no 5 – Moving Multiple iCal Events

Mac OS X LionBy Russell Haris.  
One thing I often wanted iCal in Snow Leopard to do was let me move multiple calendar events at once forward or back to a different time.
iCal 5 in Mac OS X Lion now has this feature!
To do this, use the usual SHIFT key to select multiple events. With all of your events selected, hold down both the CONTROL and ALT keys and then press the up or down keys or left and right keys to move the event times.
Depending on the view you are in will depend on how the event times are shifted.
If you are in the ‘day’ or ‘week’ views, the up and down keys will shift the event time forward or back in 15 minute intervals. The Left and right keys will move the events forward or back by a day.
While you are in the ‘month’ view, the up and down keys will move the events forward or back by a week, while the left and right will again move them forward and back by a day.(This feature does not work in year view).
You’ll soon wonder what you ever did without this feature! 🙂
ps. am looking forward to getting the new Mac OS X Lion Support Essentials Course  underway – they start in 2 weeks. see details here.