Looking for Job Satisfaction within your Mac Career?

Double dip recession, cut backs, redundancies; these are all phrases that are enough to put anyone on the edge of their seat. Looking for the perfect, new job can be stressful enough, but coupled with a stagnant economy, it can leave anyone apprehensive at taking the plunge into the Job Market.
Staying put in the same job, in the same company, might be a ‘safe’ option: you’re guaranteed pay rises, you know the company, you know the people, the canteen does great food etc etc. (which may hold you back from a new job search anyway) But STOP! Compare your working relationship to any relationship… if you are looking around at your other options, it’s probably time to call it a day. Going to a job interview isn’t like cheating on your partner though, it is a very accepted practice!

Decisions, Decisions…

Making the decision to stay in your current role when you feel you have outgrown it can be very damaging in the long run. You need to think about your career and what is best for it, and if you are not sensing opportunities to progress, then you could end up disillusioned and with unrealistic expectations. In turn, when you look for your next challenge, you could be disappointed at the salary on offer to you.

Job Satisfaction Vs Fat Pay Cheque?

What comes first and foremost is job satisfaction and as an Apple Mac Recruiter, I feel that Mac techies need opportunity, freedom and an assurance that their skills won’t deteriorate or go to waste. There are Mac updates and technological advances all the time, and a good working environment for Mac Engineers is one where new technology is embraced. So, if you’re still working on a 2007 version of software, itching to roll out the newest version, but your boss just won’t let you, it could be time to start the hunt.
On the flip side, it is worth noting that whilst you should have your career progression at the forefront, it can also look unprofessional to regularly change positions. Becoming a job hopper is very undesirable, so I would recommend that each length of service be no shorter than 4 years.

The Final Step

Trust me, there are plenty of Mac OS X jobs out there; Apple shares are rising everyday, and I’m not just talking money. More and more companies are migrating from PC to Mac, giving Apple a larger commercial influence, meaning that now is a better time than any to start your job hunt.
Amsys Recruitment is here to help and our Apple Mac Recruitment offers a tailored service so that we find the perfect role for you.