September's London Apple Admin meet up

Hey everyone! Last night was the first large meet up of the London Apple Admins. The event, organised by Ben Toms and Graham Gilbert, with the event sponsored by Amsys, managed to ‘sell out’ of all 60 (free) tickets easily!
In a marked changed from both Amsys and London Apple Admin meet ups previously, the evening was spent following a detailed agenda including eight 10 minute presentations from a number of the London Mac Admins (including yours truly) as well as JAMF, Airwatch and macbrained.
The atmosphere was very relaxed (possibly as alcohol was available) but with a level of formality that encouraged mingling and discussions with new and regular attendees alike.
All in all, it was a great night, highly enjoyable and very friendly.
I’d like to convey a large amount of thanks to Ben Toms and Graham Gilbert for going to trouble of organising and promoting the event (as well as motivating the speakers!) and to our own Charley Allen for arranging the venue and promoting the event from the Amsys side of things.
Keep an eye / bookmark / favourite on the website for future meet ups and please do feel free to attend. We don’t bite!

My Presentation Notes

Ben Toms kindly roped me into a ten minute presentation for the meet up (I’m not bitter, honest :P) and I opted for Time Management.
Around the same time I was asked to do a presentation, I had recently finished watching Vanessa White’s “Load Balancing for Humans” video, and was halfway through the “Time Management for System Administrators” book. To be honest, going by the other speakers (either from meeting them, or the companies they work for) I felt I couldn’t ‘out-geek’ them, so I went for something different!
I’ve detailed the links and materials I mentioned in my talk below. I hope some of you will find them helpful!



Again, I’d like to thank Ben, Graham and Charley for organising an amazing event and for giving me ten minutes to ramble on. I’d also like to thank everyone who attended and I look forward to the next one!