Lion Tip: Expand any Application's Windows Whilst in Mission Control

Has anyone else found it a pain that whilst entering Mission Control, that an application’s windows are stacked on top each other and you can only clearly see the foremost window?

 mission control lion before

Well, i’ve  discovered a multi-gesture to expand all windows in an Application so you can have a better look at which one to switch to!
Enter Mission Control and move the mouse cursor over an Applications’ stack of windows. Whichever one your mouse is over will now have a blue highlight. Now use either the ‘Scroll Direction’ gesture upwards, (two fingers up), or the ‘Show Desktop’ gesture which is to spread out your thumb and three fingers at once. (See Trackpad preferences for more info and demos of these gestures).
The Applications’ stack of windows should fan out from each other, allowing you to see more of the windows’ contents. You may also notice that the other applications and the Desktop dim at the same time. You now have a much better view of all windows you have open within an application to make your choice.

mission control lion tip after

To exit this mode, simply scroll your two fingers downwards, or pinch your thumb and three fingers together. You can also just click off in one of the dimmed areas.
Nice little feature! 🙂