Now you can add your signature to PDFs

Ever wanted to be able to quickly sign a document you need to email without having to print it off, sign it and then scan it back on to the computer?  Well new in Lion is the ability to add your signature directly to PDF documents.
To start the process, Open the Preview application and then select Preferences from the Preview menu.  Navigate to the Signature pane.

create a signature for a pdf document

Click Create Signature and a window will pop up asking you to hold your signature to the built in camera.  Please note you must sign your name in black ink on white paper.

pop up window

Click Accept and your new signature will appear in the Signature preference pane.

signature preference panel

To use your newly created signature, go to the View menu in Preview and select ‘Show Annotations Toolbar’.  Once the annotations toolbar has appeared, simply add your signature as shown below!

use your newly created sig