Learn how to Deploy OS X Mavericks & more!

mavericks-trainingOver the last two years, we have been teaching our popular advanced Apple IT courses to a range of IT professionals who need to fill the gap that the ACSA certification left.
These advanced courses teach Apple Techs, such as System Administrators, advanced theory about OS X Security, Deployments and Integration.
This week, we launched the updated version of our Advanced Deployment course for Mavericks 10.9. This course has been packed full of extra features and hands on labs as a well as a module on 3rd Party deployment solutions, Munki and Casper!
This 3 day intense course is perfect for IT professionals who require an in-depth knowledge on deploying OS X Systems and software.

What you will learn:

  • Deployment Planning: Learn how to develop your deployment strategy.
  • Deploying Individual Items and Containers: We will look at how to use Apple’s Remote Desktop software and OS X Server.
  • Installation Packages: Learn how to create custom installations packages. We will also look at Munki and Casper.
  • Creating Entire System Images: Learn how to create full system images, understand the differences between cloned and modular systems, and customise system images.
  • Deploying System Images: We’ll teach you how to install and configure Apple’s Netinstall service for deployment.
  • Post Imaging Deployment Considerations and System Maintenance: Learn how to use the various techniques used to apply post installation configuration and how to keep your OS X clients updated via Apple Software Update server or Mavericks’ Caching service.
  • Deploying Macs with DeployStudio: We’ll show you how to configure pre and post imaging scripts to perform tasks such as, naming computers and binding active directory.

Learn about all the topics above and much more on our 3 day course, in Central London, South London or Manchester, on the OS X Deployment 10.9 course!