Keychain Syncing

By Richard Mallion
One of the features I miss most from MobileMe was the ability to sync your keychain between multiple Mac OS X computers.
Most  application on Mac OS X will store passwords, secrets or certificates in the keychain. Safari for instance uses it to store the different passwords required for different websites. The Mail app uses it store passwords for the various mail accounts you may use. The Finder uses it to store the password for servers you may access.
A new application called Keychain2Go now makes it possible to get this functionality back.
Keychain2Go takes the contents of your keychain and securely syncs it to other Mac OS X computers running Keychain2Go. As well as the Mac app, they also supply an iOS app which allows you to view and edit this information from an iPhone or iPad.
The Mac version can be downloaded from the Mac App Store for a price of  £2.99. The iOS version from the iTunes store for a price of £1.49