Jobsless – The future of the Mac Workplace?

By Sarah Garrett – Amsys Recruitment Consultant
With the departure of Steve Jobs, the question on everybody’s lips is how will the Apple world stay afloat without him?  Will big businesses shy away from them and thus reduce the amount of Mac guys in the workplace? I mean, we all know what happened last time he left…
However, I don’t think any Apple enthusiasts need to worry particularly. With the demand for the iOS devices ever increasing as well as high profile companies integrating into or moving straight over to the Apple platform, there is no better time to become involved in the Apple brand. Not to mention the drop in shares subsiding by returning to their usual high only overnight.
Further than being a consumer, there are more and more ways to immerse yourself in the Apple platform, with the introduction of the Apple Consultants Network and Apple Certifications, the desire to jump on the Apple bandwidth is just too good to resist.
Although, there was another shock announcement this year too, with the discontinuation of the highly accredited ACSA certification. While the other esteemed Certs remain, the top dog is no more. I speak to a large amount of Apple Techies everyday and until recently they have always aimed to reach the top of the Apple Certification ladder to pick that juicy Systems Administrator cert. But now, without the ACSA, are they still interested in becoming the Mac geek, hiding in the server room?
Yes, is the answer. It is undeniable that there has been a large addition of Mac in many offices now, especially the iPad and iPhone, (to Blackberry’s dismay). As a result, there is now a massive thirst for furthering Mac skills. Usually, experience is just as relevant as Apple certifications on a candidate’s CV; certifications are a good way of qualifying years of hard graft and are, as a result, an excellent addition to any CV. Even though the ACSA is no more, the ACTC (Apple Certified Technical Coordinator) is still a key way of showing to a potential employer not only your skills but also your determination to succeed.
With a candidate rich market out there, I think it is beneficial to set yourself aside from everybody else, and self studying and certifications are a good way to achieve this. Apple certifications are fast becoming a staple on all successful candidates’ CVs and are more and more sought after too; clients trust the Apple brand. Not only this, but they trust Amsys too, after all, we are Europe’s No.1 Apple Training Centre and the UK’s only Apple Mac focused Recruitment Agency.
Bye for now!