Job Hunting Tips for the Jubilee Bank Holiday

This weekend marks the 60 year reign of Queen Elizabeth II and it promises to be a party for all! job hunting tips over the long jubilee bank holiday
The good weather maybe starting to slip through our fingers, but I don’t doubt that the street parties and BBQs will be no less fun. And whilst you playfully reminisce over the success of our Queen in her long employment, it may be a good idea to take some time to reflect upon your own job situation.
As a recruiter, I understand it can be difficult to search effectively for a new challenge. Particularly in the Apple Mac Market, as you could be up to your elbows  in a new Mac OS X Server build, yet it is important to assign yourself a good amount of time to really cherry pick what you are looking for.
I think it is paramount to understand a candidate’s requirements and here at Amsys the Recruitment team always spend time finding out what role is most suitable for each and every person. We mirror this attitude with our clients too, and strive to find the best fit for candidate and client simultaneously.
So when you slump on the sofa after a few days’ hard partying, pick up your Macbook Pro and look at our Job Board, sign up and let us do all the hard work for you!

Jubilee Dos and Don’ts

Do – Write a concise and to the point covering letter that lists your technical skills
Don’t – Waffle on too much about what Street Party you went to
Do – Have confidence in your ability
Don’t – Oversell yourself or become arrogant
Do – Stand out from the crowd and tweet us @amsyscareers
Don’t – Be too over enthusiastic
Good luck and have a great weekend!