How to Use iTunes Built in Features to Set Up Accounts on a Mobile Device

This normally niggly and frustrating process can be quick and easy by using the built in features of iTunes, which can be used to easily sync your mail accounts and other things like iCal and Address Book with your mobile devices (assuming your accounts are set up on your primary machine and are working!)
If you connect your mobile devices to the machine with a USB cable and launch iTunes (should it not do this automatically) select the mobile device and look to the top row of options, select the ‘Info’ tab and scroll down the page, you will see there are multiple options to sync from address book to iCal and Mail.
Simply tick the sync accounts box and select the apply button at the bottom, this will create the Mail accounts on the mobile device with minimal inconvenience and frustration 🙂
I have used this a couple of times, it works like a absolute charm and hopefully will for you too.

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