It is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell…

It is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to our now ex Apple trainer, John.
John has been with Amsys since the tender age of 17 when he first joined as an Apprentice back in 2003. Following a rather tense moment with a client (think Taken, John as the daughter, not Liam Neeson) he left Amsys to go and work as a Genius at the Apple Store. However, he was soon yearning to be back with the team at Amsys and returned to us 2.5 years later as an Apple Certified Trainer.
Since then John has taught a range of courses, including the ACMT, Support Essentials, iWork and iOS Security and Deployment.
He has also been the voice behind some of our popular podcasts including, Profile Manager on Lion Server Overview and Using Pages in Mac OS X: An Introduction.
Here are some of our favourite quotes from John’s students:

  • John explained everything extremely well and the slides/folder we had where very clear and easy to follow (iOS Security & Deployment, 2013)
  • The patience John showed in teaching a (relatively) old dog new tricks. (Mac Support for PC Technicians 2013)
  • As ever Brilliant delivery by John, he knows his onions. (iOS Security & Deployment, 2013)

John is now off to work as a Mac Support Engineer for Moving Pictures Company and we wish him all the best… bets are now open on when John returns to Amsys to complete his trilogy!
Bye John!