iPhone Home Button Woes

It seems that all things start off like it is a 100m sprint, and go on to finish as though it were a military exercise. You know what I mean?
The enthusiasm with which we start a diet, ending in lonely table at Mac D’s. The fervour with which we attempt to learn a new language, with the resulting paah lay vuuz ehnglays all that will dribble out of our mouths?
reset home button
It seems that technology is no exception. My iPhone 4 with iOS 5 (shut it 4s owners…) has now decided that the Home button does not necessarily mean home. Well, not immediately at any rate. Perhaps after a few more tries?? This is highly annoying in this day and age where we expect things to work faster that our rage can fly out of control (the pressing of the lift button comes to mind – more presses = super fast.)
So it was with great joy and utter delight that I found a little trick that could help with my conundrum. Not only that, as luck would have it – this pearler was dual purpose. So the little tip below will not only attempt to reset your home button, but you can use this to quit a non-responsive app too. Hooraah I hear you shout!
So, to reset the home button to its blazing glory simply open up a native Apple app (like calendar or clock). Then hold down the top power button until the switch off screen appears. Once this shows up press the Home button. Et voila! (Okay, I know more than I let on..) Your Home button should be back to its former speedy glory.
What about my frozen app?, you scream. Well, repeat the above process when the app you are in freezes, and it will automatically quit it.
Like all good things, you get a little extra. I like.