iPad as a universal remote control?

harmony link from logitech
Having recently setup my home theatre system, I have become increasingly frustrated by the sheer volume of remote controls lying around my living room.
Oh how I would love to replace them all – TV, Sky, AV receiver, Blu Ray etc – with just one remote control.
My immediate thought was to go out and purchase a Universal Remote but as my eyes rested upon my iPad sitting in the corner I wondered, is there a suitable product to turn my iPad into a remote control?
As luck would have it, Logitech seem to have had the same idea.  Their new Harmony Link  is a small device that connects to your home WiFi network.  It turns signals from the Harmony Link app (which can be downloaded from the App store) on your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or even Android device, into infrared commands to control your various devices.
Unfortunately this is not yet available in the UK (US only at this point) and reviews seem to be mixed on the functionality of the iOS app but it definitely sounds like a product with great potential and certainly something I will be keeping an eye out for in the UK!!
Further info can be found over at the Logitech site
Available on the App store