iPad Apps in Education

I have had the fortune this week of watching some incredible presentations and testimonials on iPad in education. What blew me away was the way in which the iPad and the apps that go along with it have revolutionised the way children learn. Of course I was aware of the use of iPad within education, but to see it in practice has been a real eye opener.
So in homage to all things learning, I have compiled a few of my “best in” educational applications. It may be worth noting that many of these apps are not aimed at specific age groups, and hence I found myself being challenged by mathematical problems that are probably easily solved by a 15 year old.
So here they are:

book creator app

Book Creator

Book Creator offers users something previously unavailable: the chance to create books which can be submitted and then read using Apple’s iBooks. It has a dead simple interface and removes the necessity for any PC infrastructure. A must have for any e-pub environment!


explain everything app
Explain Everything

Explain Everything records on-screen drawing, annotation, object movement and captures audio via the iPad microphone. Import Photos, PDF, PPT, and Keynote from Dropbox, Evernote, Email, iPad photo roll and iPad2 camera. Export MP4 movie files, PNG image files, and share the .XPL project file with others for collaboration. It can also be used as an interactive whiteboard in the classroom.


math bingo app
Math Bingo

This is exactly what it says – a combination of maths (or math) and bingo that allows users to practise their arithmetic in a fun and simple way. It requires users to get a pattern of 5 bingo bugs in a row, and continues to encourage users by offering bingo rewards. Clean, fun and simple.

pocket body

Pocket Body

One for aspiring medical students! Pocket Body is a fully featured anatomical reference, with over 30 000 words of supplemental content. It also includes a built in quiz which can be tailored to your level of proficiency. It is essentially Grey’s Anatomy
For a whole lot more, visit tmadeeasy for an exhaustive listing and review of apps for education
By Adam Davies