An Introduction to iBeacons Seminar

Last summer, iBeacons was quietly released along with iOS 7 with little fanfare, however, over the last few months this technology has started to gain traction within the technology market and has already been adopted by a number of high profile organisations. Indeed, back in November we started work with iBeacon transmitter manufacturer, Estimote on our own deployment projects.
We are really excited about this technology, as there are endless possibilities where iBeacons can be used throughout a number of different industry sectors. However, as the Guardian quite rightly pointed out last week “Getting it right means more than just deploying a few beacons” and we believe that this is incredibly important if you are going to implement an effective iBeacons strategy.
Which is why we are running an “Introduction to iBeacons” seminar for businesses that want to find out what iBeacons are, how they work and how they can be deployed to transform the way they currently interact with their customers.
There are a number of organisations who have already started testing and implementing iBeacons, these include:

Tescos is currently testing iBeacons to create a tailored shopping experience, depending on which store the customer is visiting.
American Eagle has deployed iBeacons across 100 of their stores in the USA, to notify customers of deals and product suggestions whilst they are shopping.
The Groninger Museum in the Netherlands now uses iBeacons to provide interactive content to their visitors about the particular piece they are viewing.
Major League Baseball have installed iBeacons around the US to provide their spectators with point-of-interest mapping and other relevant contextual information.
Our next event is on the 6th of May in London, where we will be discussing the following topics:

  • An overview of Bluetooth LE.
  • An overview of the iBeacon Framework in iOS 7.
  • An overview of iBeacon transmitters.
  • The infrastructure required.
  • An overview of implementing iBeacons in your app and organisation.
  • Some example deployment scenarios.

Date: 6th May, 10am – 12pm
Where: Soho, London
If you are interested in learning more about iBeacons and how you can use them in your organisation, then attend our seminar in May! To register please fill in the form below: (NOW CLOSED)