How to Show International Keyboard Shortcuts

Recently I had a customer who had an issue where he was using a UK keyboard but needed to use multiple languages,  due to this, it was very hard to locate certain keys such as /, ?” etc.
The simplest solution is to use the built in software keyboard view.
To display this use the  system preferences ‘language and text’ tab.

system preferences

Select the input sources tab, then select all keyboard languages needed and make sure the show input menu in menu bar option is ticked.

language text option

Assuming the show input menu in menu bar box is ticked  an icon will appear in the top bar (top right corner by the time display) with all other icons (looks like a square with a star)  click on this and click on show keyboard viewer and choose which nationality of keyboard you require.

show languages mac os x

international keyboarder viewer

You can then hold down any of the keyboard modifiers such as shift/alt/cmnd key to  show where what secondary keys are.