Initiate Quick Look using a Multi-Touch Gesture

Most people by now have discovered the fantastic Quick Look feature in OS X by using the spacebar to preview a file, folder, or volume in the Finder. You can also use the ‘cmd’ + ‘Y’ keys or select ‘Quick Look’ from the Finder’s File Menu.
Initiate Quick Look using a Multi-Touch Gesture
However, for us lot that use portables or use the Bluetooth Magic Trackpad, the good news is that there’s a cheeky Multi-Touch Gesture for us too!
Simply select the file or folder in question as usual, and instead of any of the above options to initiate Quick Look, perform a three-finger tap (NOT click) and the Quick Look preview should appear. Be VERY careful not to click the item, it must be a trackpad tap!
If you’re precise with your three-finger tap, you don’t need to select the ‘Quick Lookable’ item first, the three-finger tap will select the item and Quick Look it.
Performing a three-finger tap again will clear the Quick Look preview.
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This feature has been tested using OS X v10.8.4 which was the latest Mac OS release at the time of writing.