How to Stop iCal AutoFill with Incorrect Data

Have you ever had the annoying issue in iCal where it autofills the contact with incorrect data (mistyped names, incorrect email address)? This quick fix found by my colleague Charlie ‘SuperNerd, Wonderchild, The all-knowing’ Selwyn will resolve all of these problems:

First Quit iCal

  • Navigate to the user’s library by selecting the ‘go’ menu in finder and clicking the ‘go to folder’ option, then type the following:
Go to folder

(If you have Lion you can select the go menu in finder then hold down the ‘Option’ key (aka Alt) which will display the users library.)

  • Hit enter and navigate through to ‘Caches’ > ‘’ > ‘Previous Recipients.plist’ (as seen below) and delete this file.
  • Once this has been done iCal will only autofill with contact info from your current address book and contacts on the server, I would hope these contacts will be correct.
ical folders