How to Solve Profile Manager Configuration Problems

Last week I showed you the steps I went through to configure Apple’s Profile Manager on Lion server. Hopefully you all had no issues following these to setup your server. However, especially if you have my luck, you most likely did.
I have detailed below the issues I came across and how I resolved them.
Please Note: As with everything, please, please, please make sure you have a full backup that has been booted up and tested to be working before going ahead with these steps.

Profile Manager shows ‘error when reading settings’ in

I’m sorry to say I found this one to have only one fix. Reset Profile Manager and start again. Helpfully enough the instructions for this were discussed by Peter earlier last week.

When running the Profile Manager configuration assistant an error 1 appears.

In my experience this was due to an Open Directory Master already being created that Profile Manager didn’t like.
The first time I had this error, my only fix was to export my Open Directory contents, destroy the LDAP (by demoting the server in Server Admin), then re-run the configuration tool.
Once I started getting the error again, even after following the above steps. I found this to be due to some saved certificates and keys from a now decommissioned Open Directory. This was done by launching the Keychain Access application(/Applications/Utilities/Keychain, navigating to the system keychain and removing any and all certificates and keys that refer to Code Signing, CA, Certificate Authority and the server’s hostname. After this, I had to also recreate the SSL certificate I created.

When enrolling a device I get an unknown error.

The first step is to ensure you have installed the ‘Trust’ profile from the enrolment form before installation the enrolment profile.
If you still have the same issue, then it may well be an issue with the Apple Push certifications.
I found that if you have the Apple Push certifications on one Apple ID, then try to get another set using the same ID (even after revoking the old certificates) then this error will show up. You need to create a brand new Apple ID (see my last post) and try to get some new Push Apple Certifications in the
If this is not possible, you’ll need to reset Profile Manager and start again.


A much shorter post this week but I feel it’s just as important as last weeks and will hopefully help someone out there.
Did this help you? Would you care to share your own story? Please do! We’d love to hear your stories and every response will help someone out there!
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