How to resolve a frozen Screen

My Mac Screen is frozen. How do I fix it?

Your Mac screen may stop responding for many reasons; a programme issue, a hardware issue or it might just need a quick restart. If your Mac screen is frozen then there are multiple possible solutions.

Programme Issue

If the problem is with a particular programme, then you can force quit this programme through either;

  • Clicking the Apple menu  in the top left corner, then pressing force quit.
  • Holding option, command (⌘) and esc (Escape)


 If this does not solve the issue then you can power down the Mac.

  • If the frozen screen does not allow you to restart through the Apple menu , hold the power button for several seconds or press the control(^) & command keys (⌘) and then press the power button. 

Restart in Safe mode

  • To restart in safe mode, hold the Shift key when you hear the welcome noise. Then release the shift key once the Apple Logo is on display. When the computer has booted up, you should see a status bar with the words ‘Safe Boot’ in the top right corner.
  • In safe mode, the Mac will go through lots of troubleshooting steps to attempt to return the Mac to its best possible health.
  • If Safe Boot resolved your issue there, is no need to continue to restart in safe boot, just restart as normal. 

PRAM Reset

If none of the above steps have resolved continuous frozen screens, then you can reset your PRAM

  • To do this you should shut down your Mac fully.
  • Once it is fully shut down, press the power button then hold command, option, P and R.
  • These keys need to all be pressed before the grey screen appears. If you do this after then just shut down the Mac again and start again.
  • Hold the keys down until the Mac reboots and you hear the start up noise. 
  • Let go of all the keys and allow the Mac to reboot. 

If you don’t feel confident completing these steps or you’re still having problems, you can book your device in for a repair and it will be assessed by Apple certified technicians.