How to Repair a Mac Pro: The Tools You Need

In this third blog of the series, we will look at the tools required for Certified Apple Technicians to Repair the Apple Mac Pro range.
Most of these tools are available from hardware/DIY Stores, however there are a small range of Apple Specific Tools that will need to be purchased directly from Apple.

how to repair a mac pro
Mac Pro (-2008)
Mac Pro (2009-2010)
• ESD WristStrap and Mat
• Nylon Probe Tool/Black Stick
• Needlenose pliers
• Thermal grease and alcohol wipe kit
• Long-Handled #1 Phillips Screwdriver
• Jewelers #1 Phillips Screwdriver
• Long-Handled 3mm flathead hex Screwdriver
• Flat-Blade Screwdriver
• Short-Handled 2.5mm hex wrench
• Jewelers #0 Phillips Screwdriver
• Apple Mac Pro Wrench
• Long-Handled #2 Phillips Screwdriver
• Long-handled, T8 Torx screwdriver
• Right-angle or short-handled, 2.5mm hex screwdriver

You may find the need for some additional tools, which are optional, but above is the minimum required to do the full range of repairs.
It is a good idea to magnetize your screwdrivers to avoid screws falling off your screwdriver and burying themselves deep inside the computers’ casing! ☺
You can buy a decent Magnetizer/Demagnetizer tool from most Hardware stores.
NOTE – The Apple Certified Macintosh Technician (ACMT) course that we run here at Amsys will not only train you to repair Apple Macintosh Products, but will also discuss in depth these tools and which products require which tools.
(It is very important that you have adequate knowledge of ESD safety and the ESD equipment required, which is also described in detail in the ACMT course).
Click here for full details of the ACMT course and schedule
By Russell Harris