How to Remove the Shadow on Mac Screenshots

It’s been bugging me that every time I create instructions for one of our clients the screen shots come with a shadow around them, after trying a few things I have finally found a solution for it!

First, let’s take a screen shot so we can compare them later.

To do this, use Command+Shift+4 to take a shot of an individual window, notice the shadow around the frame of the window.
screen shot with shadow

Disable it by

To disable it you just need to edit the plist with the defaults command in Terminal:
defaults write disable-shadow -bool true
For the changes to take effect you will need to either log out then log in, or restart SystemUIServer by killing it:
killall SystemUIServer
You can now take another screen capture of an individual window using Command+Shift+4 and the screen shot will not include the window shadow.
screenshot without shadow
If you want to revert back just change the command to false instead of true:
defaults write disable-shadow -bool false