How to: Remove Items from the Finder Sidebar

If you have found that you are unable to remove items from the finder side bar then this is the post for you!finder side bar
I stumbled upon this issue recently when I was realised that a lot of clients were having this problem, particularly since upgrading their software. After digging deeper into the problem, I have now found a decent solution:

The Normal Way

1. Right click (ctrl + click) on the item you want to remove in the finder sidebar and select ‘remove from sidebar’ option – however thiswhere the problems appear.

right click sidebar


My Solution

2. If you drag the item that you want to remove whilst holding down the Command key this will remove it from the sidebar.

drag command

Have you come across any problems on your Mac that you can’t solve? If so, post them here and we’ll do our best to come up with a solution.