How to make iCloud behave like Dropbox

Inside your ~/Library/Mobile Documents you have a local copy of all your iCloud documents, this can be exploited to convert your iCloud into an online storage and sharing resource!
This folder behaves exactly the same as a Dropbox folder, anything stored in it will sync to all other macs that are logged onto the same iCloud account, there are no restrictions on what you can put into this folder.
To make this folder more usable you can either use third party tools or create a link to an area of your drive which you prefer.
If you want to keep it simple you have two options, add the Mobile Documents folder to the dock, or just create a symbolic link to an area of your drive that will make access easier for you, to do so just use the following command:

ln -s ~/Library/Mobile Documents ~/Desktop/SyncFolder

(just replace “SyncFolder” with the name you want to see on your folder)
There are a few third party solutions, a nice and simple tool called iClouDrive and MacDropAny or you can look at plaincloud.