How to Enable Half Star Rating in iTunes

Have you ever wanted to rate your iTunes songs more than a 3 star but not quite a 4 star? Now you can.

iTunes only allows you to rate your songs on a 1 star to 5 star rating system. Perhaps I’m in the minority, but for myself, I rate all my iTunes Library and this little tip has come in handy to allow me to fine tune my ratings!

Enable Half-Star Ratings

To enable Half-Star ratings, open the Terminal Utility from your Mac’s /Applications/Utilities/ folder and then enter the following EXACTLY as below, (copy and paste if you can):
defaults write allow-half-stars -bool TRUE
Double check you have entered the above correctly with all the correct spaces in between words and then press the RETURN key.
Now quit iTunes and when you reopen iTunes you should be able to rate songs with a half star by clicking the song’s rating and slide the star rating scale until the 1/2 value shows.

half star rating in itunes


Remove Half Star Ratings

If you want to remove the half-star rating, then you will need to restore iTunes defaults by using the  following command, then restart iTunes:
defaults delete allow-half-stars
If you reset your iTunes ratings with the above command, any half star rated songs will have the lower star rating, so a 3 1/2 star song would now be a 3 star song.
Hope you find this useful! 🙂