How to do a PRAM Reset

What is PRAM  

PRAM stands for ‘Parameter Random Access Memory and is pronounced ‘P-RAM’. It is a type of memory that holds system settings. What is actually held in the PRAM differs on each device but the type of issues and solutions remain the same.  

Why would I want to reset my PRAM? 

If your Mac is having consistent problems with the screen, connection ports, battery displays or just something that isn’t supposed to happen. This may reset some system settings such as time zone, display and startup volume. You can adjust these afterwards in System Preferences.

PRAM Reset  

You can reset your PRAM with the below steps.  

  • Shut down your Mac fully. 
  • Once it is fully shut down, press the power button then hold command ⌘, option ⌥, P and R. 
  • The keys need to be pressed before the grey screen appears. If you miss the window, shut down the Mac again and start again. 
  • Hold the keys down until the Mac reboots and you hear the start-up noise.
  • Let go of all the keys and allow the Mac to reboot.