How to Change 10.7 Login Screen Background Image & Logo

Recently one of our training delegates asked how to change Mac OS X’s login screen and logo image, and I found 2 ways to do this, a manual way and an app that does it for you.

The manual way:

There is a file called NSTexturedFullScreenBackgroundColor.png, it’s 256 × 256 PNG and the path to get to it is:


Replace this image with your chosen image, but keep it the same size and filename, the problem with this method is that the image is a tiled image so it has its limitations.

The App:

Loginox is an application which lets you easily customise the login screen and your logo. Download it here.
You can use Loginox to change the login background image or the login logo with a single Drag-and-Drop function.  You just need to drag a JPG or PNG image into the main window of Loginox. A simple click on the Set new Login image, or Set new Login logo, button will change the image.
You will need to modify your image so it will look nice on the screen, the recommended resolution is 2560 x 1600 and then the logo will automatically scale down to match the original image!

change login image on mac os x
change login logo mac os x

And the result:

mac os x login screen changed

Another nice feature is that you can easily switch back to the Mac OS X default login background image or login logo by clicking on the Reset to Default button in the corresponding tab.
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