How to Change Case of Type Globally Using the Services Menu

A Mac OS X feature that I don’t think gets quite as much attention than it should do is the “Services” menu
The “Services” menu provides extended features globally to any application and can be accessed from the current application in use (e.g. Mail) by selecting the applications menu bar and navigating down to “Services” menu to list available options. Don’t worry if the “Services” menu appears empty as you will need to select some text or a icon before options are displayed. For instance, selecting some text in any application, then going to the “Services” menu and selecting the option “New Email With Selection”, this will compose a new email message in Apple Mail with the selected text.
One particular third-party “Services” plugin I use a lot is “WordService” by Devon Technologies. This plugin allows you to quickly change the case of any word or bunch of words in a sentence with options like capitalise first word in a sentence, capitalise all words in a sentence, and capitalise all words.

 Change Case of Type Globally using the Services Menu

I understand that applications like Microsoft Word and Adobe Indesign can already do this but it’s really nice to have the ability to do this globally from any application.
You can download “WordService” for free here. When downloaded view the “Read Me” file for easy installations instructions.