NameChanger, a powerful, free, file renaming utility

NameChanger is powerful utility for batch processing the renaming of multiple files.
NameChanger has many options including append/prepend text, sequential numbering, and date/time stamp for renaming files.
A domestic scenario where this utility maybe useful (techies may also find this utility useful) would be a batch pictures copied off a digital camera whereby the files are generally named in a sequential format like DCS_001.jpg or IMG001.jpg. Let’s just say you would like to keep the sequential numbering but prefix the filename with the text “Holiday 2013” so that it read “HOLIDAY 2013_001.jpg”.
So first we drag and drop a batch of files that we would like to rename on top of the NameChanger applications windows.
namechanger for os x
As you can see from my example above we have 3 files that start with the text “IMG_”, followed by sequential numbering (“001” and “002”) which is the order that the pictures were snapped, and then followed by the file extension, type or suffix “.jpg”.
To replace the text “IMG_” with my own personalised text “HOLIDAY 2013” we simply type the text we want to find in the first box, followed by typing the text we would like to replace it with in the second box.
As I said previously there are many more powerful options but please, please, BACKUP the files you intend of batch processing first, incase of any undesirable results.
Developer: MRR Software
Price: Free (Donationware via PayPal)