Have You Got a Misbehaving Home Button?

Is your home button misbehaving? Do you experience times when, no matter how hard you press, it just won’t work? Even after trying Adam’s reset home button post?
This is the scenario I found myself in over the last few weeks. Some days it would work perfectly, then for no apparent reason, it would completely give up. To make things more frustrating, a week later, it would start working fine again, like nothing had happened. I ended up having to take it to the Apple Store in Bluewater to have the button reseated and cleaned, but one of the Genius’ there showed me this nice little tip for when it completely gives up.

Enable Assistive Touch

Step 1 – Navigate to your ‘Settings’ app then the ‘General’ tab.

enable  assistive touch ios

Step 2 – Scroll down until you reach the ‘Accessibility’ tab. Tap this and again, scroll down until you see the ‘AssistiveTouch’ option and Tap.

iOS touchaccessibility tab ios

Step 3 – Turn Assistive Touch on by swiping the on / off slider. After a few seconds a strange floating square icon should appear.

assistive touch off iosaccessibility controls ios

This new box (which is effectively your new home button) can be moved to whichever side of the screen you wish, so as to keep it out of the way.

accessibility iOS home button

When you tap this icon you will see a small array of options which you can choose from.

accessibility gestures

This is definitely something you can use to get out of a tight spot if your Home Button ever gives up!