Guillaume Gète Gives the Lowdown on Diskmaker X

MacADUK is fast approaching and we’re now nearly full. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been contacting Amsys customers to make sure they don’t miss out on what is literally a once a year opportunity.

A few people have asked us what is different from last year’s show. The short answer is everything. A few of the speakers are the same, but you’d expect that because they are world leaders in their field. All of the sessions at MacADUK 2017 are new. To show you the amazing access you’ll have to the people that write the tools you use, we asked Guillaume Gète to tell us about his session. You just don’t get the opportunity to meet, chat with share ideas with people like Guillaume every day!

Released in 2011, Mac OS X Lion introduced many new concepts regarding the distribution of Apple’s Mac operating system: moving from the DVD to embrace a full distribution from the Internet, providing the Internet Recovery partition and even Internet recovery etc. But it also made some basic well-known features of OS X, like performing a clean install or installing the OS on different machines a bit more cumbersome for many users.
A long-time Apple fan, French Mac guru, AppleScript addict and die-hard Dr Who fan, Guillaume Gète wrote DiskMaker X (né Lion DiskMaker), which he he calls his own TARDIS: a Terribly Automated Runtime Diluted In Scripts… which happened to provide a very easy way to make a bootable installer from OS X’s Application installer using a simple GUI assistant.
In his (not-too-serious) speech, Guillaume will go back in Time and Space to explain how DiskMaker X came to fruition, how and when it became a successful software, the interesting economics of a donationware product, how to not make assumptions about how people use your software (because sometimes, even very tech-savyy, very famous people may use your software… No spoiler !), providing support, localizing with Applescript, providing visual feedback… And sometimes, what you have to EXTERMINATE to make your software more valuable !
And of course… don’t forget to bring your Sonic Screwdriver !

About Guillaume Gète

Guillaume-Gete-1A die-hard Apple addict since 1994, Guillaume Gète is a famous French Mac guru. He worked for AppleCare tech support in 1997, then decided that he would love to spend his life working with Apple. Guillaume has been an Apple trainer, a technical director for advertising agencies, and established his own Apple-consulting company in 2006. He worked since with hundreds of companies to push Mac and iOS integration forward in enterprise. He’s been a longtime speaker, presenting Apple devices or software at Apple Expo, or introducing technologies to non-technical audiences.
His web site has been known since 1997 for providing fun and deep technical articles on all things Apple to French Mac users. He also worked on a translation of Apple’s Technical Info Library, providing efficient French tech support. This led him to work with many French magazines and write many books about iTunes, OS X or iOS. He’s also a huge Nintendo, Doctor Who and Marvel fan ! If you enjoy French, you can also listen to the podcast “3 hommes et un podcast” with his friends Laurent and Mourad.
You can find Guillaume here:
Web: / | Twitter : @ggete / @liondiskmaker | Facebook : diskmakerx