Guide to Siri Part 1

With the iPhone 4S Apple introduced their  speech-recognition personal assistant, Siri.  It allows you to use your natural speech to do hundreds of useful tasks like sending a text message and placing a phone call.
Over the next few weeks we will be posting guides on how to use Siri with the various built in apps on the iPhone 4S.
In this article we will get started with some basic information.
Siri is really simple to use. To get started, just hold down the Home button on your iPhone 4S, wait for the beep and watch the  “What can I help you with?” caption pop up on the screen.

The microphone icon will also light up to let you know that Siri is ready to listen.  Now you can just simply ask Siri to do something.
In all there  are 3 ways to talk to Siri:

  1. Pressing down the Home button until you hear a beep
  2. Bring your iPhone 4S to your ear until you hear a beep
  3. Pressing the  remote button on your headphones or Bluetooth headsets til you hear a beep.  Note you must have a headset that has a remote and microphone built-in.

Siri will wait for you to stop talking before it will respond. You can also tap on the Siri icon again to let Siri know that you finished talking.  This is useful in a noisy environment.
Next there are a few things you should do straight away:
Make sure Siri knows who you are.

To do this, go to Settings > General > Siri > My Info, then select your contact info.Update your contact info.
Fill out as much details as you can so that Siri can learn about your key relationships, where you work, and how to pronounce your name.  You can do this with the Contacts app. Simply select your name in the contacts app and tap on Edit.  Fill out as much details as you can. Note you can tap on “add field” to bring up more key fields that would help Siri know who you are. If you have a name that Siri doesn’t recognise phonetically, you can manually update the phonetic spelling of your name here. Once you have filled out all of your contact info, you can now tell Siri things like “Call my wife.” or “Call my work.”
Tell Siri to call you by your nickname.
You can do this by updating your contact info, or you can tell Siri to do so.

    1. Activate Siri by holding down the home button or by bring the phone to your ear, then wait for the beep.
    2. Say “Call me _____”. Fill in the blank with whatever you qant Siri to call you.
    3. Siri will reply “from now on, I’ll call you ____. OK?
    4. Reply “Yes.”
    5. I’m known as “master” 🙂