Goodbye Old Friend

By Richard Mallion
There is one tool which I have had for more years than I can remember, Perian. Commonly referred to as the Swiss Army Knife for QuickTime, Perian added a number of video codecs required to view most video formats available via the Web and was the answer for many who were trying to find a way to view obscure, outdated video files.
The development have announced today that it will no longer be making future versions of the plug-in. A posting on the Perian Web site, said they will be halting support for the software after 90 days from its final release. The source code will then be posted to an open-source community (Google Code or GitHub), where others can try maintaining it if they so choose.
There will be no official support for Perian in Apple’s upcoming OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, but unless Apple changes the way the programme is allowed to interface with QuickTime then it should continue to function, though there are no guarantees.
Goodbye old friend