Get OS X Mountain Lion for Free!

We all know that Apple’s next Operating System v10.8 codenamed Mountain Lion is to be released very soon.mountain lion conference
Have you bought a Mac recently but it came with Mac OS X Lion and you’re thinking you’ll have to dish out for Mountain Lion when it’s released? Dont worry!
As long as you bought a Mac from June 11th onwards, you’re eligible for a free upgrade to Mountain Lion!
Just make sure you request your upgrade within 30 days of Mountain Lions’ release and the free upgrade is yours! (Eligible Mac purchases can be from Apple or Apple Authorized Resellers).
So, how do you get your free update? Simply visit the “Up-to-Date” website from Apple, enter some identifying information to verify the purchase, and you’ll be rewarded with a fresh download of OS X 10.8 right from the Mac App Store. Cool huh?
The rumour mills are all turning towards a release this week, so get your upgrade requests in!