Gatekeeper Security Feature Blocks Opening of Apps.

Mountain Lion has some great new features. One of them being the security feature Gatekeeper which makes it safer to download apps to your mac by protecting you from accidentally installing malicious software.
As great as this feature is, it may be too clever for it’s own good and start preventing you from opening apps that you actually want to use and know are safe to run.
So, if you find that since upgrading to Mountain Lion you see an error message similar to what’s shown below, here’s how to force the app to open :

force open gatekeeper

To open the app that was blocked by Gatekeeper, press the ‘Control’ key whilst selecting the app, choose ‘Open’ from the shortcut menu that appears, and then click ‘Open’.

Once you’ve opened an app this way, it’s considered an exception to the security settings of Gatekeeper and you can double-click to open it without warnings.
This feature has been tested using OS X v10.8.0 which was the latest Mac OS release at the time of writing and also using the latest Internal and external Apple keyboards.
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