From apprentice to Apple Certified trainer: Daryl's story

Back in April of 2010, having moved several hundred miles from home, I found myself looking for a fresh start and to find my place in the working world after having tried and tested other career paths.
Fortunately, a friend was employed by Amsys and introduced me to the Apprentice Hardware Technician Scheme. Having a keen interest in computing already I decided that this could be the path for me.  I contacted Amsys and sent across my CV and within 24 hours received a call back for an interview.
A few weeks later after my interview and subsequent call back, I found myself nervously arriving at Amsys ready to start my first day.  I was shown around the building and introduced to all the staff who were very pleasant which helped me to quickly settle my nerves.  After my first month of shadowing a senior technician and learning what I needed to know in preparation for my big day, I was ready to take my ACMT.
I took and passed my ACMT which allowed me to repair my first Apple Product. My first repair was an iMac (21.5” late 2009) which turned out to be the first of many during my time within the workshop. I continued to work over the next 9 months learning new skills and finding myself with my own new apprentice to train with the same care and attention that had been shown to me when I first arrived.
A month later he had also passed his ACMT and eventually started to repair the macs without the need for assistance. I found training the apprentice extremely helpful in keeping my own knowledge and skills sharp as well as rewarding, knowing that I was able to help someone achieve their first goal in their new career.
In Summer 2011 I took and passed my 10.6 Support Essentials and also my 10.6 Server Essentials which meant I was now qualified as a 10.6 Apple Certified Technical Coordinator. This gave me the knowledge and understanding to support not only the hardware but the 10.6 Operating System Client and Server software.
October 2011 and the current Workshop Manager was given the opportunity to progress further internally within the company.  I had been supporting his role for a few months and learning what skills the role required, and I was fortunate enough to be offered the step up to run the Workshop.
I quickly accepted the opportunity and for the next year overlooked the day to day running of the workshop and the technicians. As well as making sure the workshop was running smoothly, I was also required to look at any areas where we could improve our work flow and systems that we used.
I continued my role as Workshop Manager for a year before another internal promotional opportunity arose. I have always been keen to help others whenever possible and to share my knowledge with people that may help them resolve issues they could encounter.
In October 2012 our training department were looking to expand and take on another trainer. Although this was not a role I had been trained in, I thought I could build upon the skills learnt from interaction with the workshop staff.

apple training

By January 2013 I had been integrated within our training department and started working through the 8 Day ACMT Course which was really the first step from moving over from the workshop. Due to my experience within the workshop the subject knowledge is in place. From there, I then had to learn how to relay my knowledge to others and how to take into consideration their own IT experience.
Over the last year I have been really enjoying my role as an Apple Certified Trainers, and just recently I was awarded the Apple Master IT Trainer Certification! Without the Amsys Apprentice Hardware Technician Scheme, I would never have found the opportunities to not only build a good understanding of the knowledge required to progress after the two years within the workshop, but to learn key management and training skills. It was an ideal starting point for me to find something that I enjoyed and hopefully build into a career for the future!