How to fix your LogMeIn passwords not being saved

If, like us on Amsys Service Desk, you use LogMeIn in a professional capacity to remotely support a multitude of clients or internal staff, then you may have come across a problem whereby LogMeIn has stopped saving or storing passwords even though you have ticked the box “Save credentials”.
logme in password credentials
As LogMeIn is a web or cloud based application, it stores its password within the Adobe Flash Plugin Storage Settings. The default storage is set at 100KB, but this finite amount is limited if you store a number of passwords.
You can increase the limitation of Adobe Flash Website Storage to a specific or unlimited amount. To access this setting, simply open a web browser and navigate to the Macromedia website.
When the above address loads, simply click on the tab “Website Storage Settings” (see the image below), and select the websites that you would like to change. In this particular case, and, and move the slider to the right to increase the storage for that specific website.
flash player help
From here on in, your Adobe Flash Player Website Storage will be set to your greater amount and will increase the number of passwords you can store.