5 useful OS X timesaving tips

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time saving tips for os x
image credit: constant contact


1. Add your signature to PDFs

Forget about printing off a document in order to sign it and then scan or post it back to the  recipient! With the release of Lion you can add add your signature directly to PDF documents, read how you can do this on your Mac here.


2. Prevent accidental replacement: use Stationery Pad

Hugo, one of our Apple trainers, recommends Stationery Pad, which has a great and easy way to convert a normal document into a template. You can use the “stationery pad” option to prevent accidental replacement of the original file by enabling this feature when you try to open that file, the Finder then creates a duplicate and opens that instead.
To find this option, get “info” on a file (⌘+I) and select the “Stationery pad” check-box under the “General” section.


3. Sorting folders/sub folders in Apple Mail

Mark Palmer, from our helpdesk, shows you how you can sort your Apple mail folders into sub folders in these simple steps.


4. Clear all open windows in one click to show the finder

Anton, also from our helpdesk, says that there are two ways that you can achieve this.

  1.  Perform the keyboard shortcut CMD and F3 to tidy away, and same shortcut again to return all windows back to the foreground
  2.  While holding down the CMD and ALT keys click on the Dock’s Finder icon.


5. Setting up window policy banner in OS X Lion & Mountain Lion

Many companies have usage policies which users have to be made aware of whenever they use a company computer. Applying these policies has often been done via email, word of mouth or on printed documentation or signs. However, since the arrival of Lion you can now display a banner at the Login Window that requires a user to acknowledge before proceeding. Find out you can enforce your usage policies on OS X here.